Get Excited About Growing Up

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As our girls enter into the puberty process, the very first physical change that happens is breast development. This step occurs before anything else happens... ie. period, hair growing on legs/underarms - it is the precursor to those bigger developmental stages.

The Bra is the "Rite of Passage" into everything else that follows and it is a BIG DEAL!! This experience must be positive, fun, and celebrated. Puberty for girls is a process. We know where we want to go but we’re not there yet.

Everyone may tell you it’s magical but going from girlhood to adolescence to young adulthood can be a challenge, too. It’s hard not to feel completely in control of all the changes during puberty. Sometimes you feel so grown up … and sometimes you just want to give up.

If you have puberty questions or frustrations, talk to someone older you can trust (like a big sister, your parents, a teacher, or your doctor). Be open and honest with your girlfriends—they’re going through puberty and breast development, too.

And, most importantly, be patient and kind to yourself. Take charge whenever you can and have fun with your choices—like selecting the color, style, and strap selection of your new bra!

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