Share Your Tips & Tricks!

Share Your Tips & Tricks!

We are all continuing to learn more and more about ourselves each day - discovering new tips and tricks along the way. You would be amazed at how much our team learned while doing research and talking with one another about what we should share with you! The information and solutions available to us are always changing and we are working hard to provide the most up to date and comprehensive resources available for all of our Her-Rah! Girls. Sometimes, these topics can make people feel weird or uncomfortable so they don't talk about them with their friends, but it is actually really helpful (and healthy!) to talk about these things so that everyone can learn from one another. So we would love to hear from you all! 

Comment below and Share with us:

  • Your favorite Tips & Tricks about Bras
  • Your favorite Tips & Tricks for Periods
  • Great Advice someone shared with you
  • How you felt when you started seeing changes
  • Do you have an 'emergency' kit for when your period comes? If so, what's in it? 
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Embrace the changes that come during this time in your life. Keeping a journal can be helpful to track progress in your life and allow you to think out loud!


I know it’s tempting to pick at pimples, but don’t do it!

Esther Peres

To only wash your lady bits with water, no soaps or fragrances

Maddison Knafel

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