What Bra is Right for You?

Our team at Her-Rah! knows just how overwhelming it can be when you're looking for the right bra. Thats why we have created a Style Guide to help guide you through the different bra types and why you might need one versus the other depending on what activity you have planned for the day or what outfit you're wearing! In addition to covering the 'Bra Basics' we will also outline where each of our Bras fall in the spread to help you find the best Her-Rah! Bra for you!

  • Color

    A bra's color can also influence your whole outfit! Here's a little bit of a cheat-sheet for picking the right color bra for your outfit.

    Skin-tone bras are best to wear with light-colored or thin garments so the color difference won't be too visible. Black or White bras are best to wear with dark colors as they may be easily noticeable underneath a light color or fabric. Fun Colored Bras are best to wear with a casual wardrobe.

  • Fabric

    The kind of fabric used in a bra determines how comfortable you'll be while you wear it. The bra will be in constant contact with your skin, and it will have to absorb sweat as well. Given these considerations, the fabrics of choice are cotton and microfiber, as they're known to be the most comfortable. Here are a few things most women look for in a bra's fabric: Soft touch, Durable, Breathable, and Absorbent.

  • Style

    Many women choose a bra style based on the occassion or types of clothing they plan to wear. For instance, some may prefer to wear Padded or T-shirt bras for the day-to-day to provide a more relaxed feel. Meanwhile, they may choose to wear a Sport bra when they plan to engage in some physical activity. Learn more about some of the different styles of bras and their unique advantages in the section below!

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  • The Padded Bra

    Padded Bras are crafted with padded cups or has pockets to insert pads. This style works best when your main concern is to hide visible nipples. It also adds volume to your breasts and gives them a rounder and fuller shape. Padded bras are available in both underwired & non-wired styles. Padded bras give you a gentle lift while non-padded ones are great for everyday wear.

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  • The T-Shirt Bra

    A T-shirt bra is similar to the padded bra. T-shirt bras generally have full coverage cups with little-to-no padding. These bras usually have smooth and seamless cups that don’t leave an impression or outline when worn under more fitted or clingy materials. This style works best with fitted outfits for a clean & smooth silhouette.

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  • The Sport Bra

    The Sport bra is designated for physical activities to support and reduce breast movement, impact and strain. You can find sports bras that provide different levels of coverage and support, designed to carry out different types of activities. For example: Lighter activities like yoga only require a light or medium impact sports bra.

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  • The Convertable Bra

    Bra styles with this feature are the master of all bras! Detachable straps allow a single bra to take on multiple styles including one strap, two straps, cross-shoulder, halter, criss-cross and even strapless. This one bra solves the purpose of many bras combined! Not only does this allow for more outfit options, it can also change the level of support provided by the same bra!

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How to Solve Some of the Most

Common Bra Fit Problems

Is your bra overflowing?

If you're spilling out or overflowing from your bra, either on the sides or over the cup, your cup size is too small!

The Solution: Try a cup size larger! That's it!

For example, if you're wearing a 34B and the band seems supportive and snug but you're getting the dreaded "double boob" effect over the top of the cup, try a 34C. If the issue persists, try another cup size larger until your girls are completely enveloped in the bra cup with no spillage.

You can also consider trying different styles of bras, as different cup construction works better for different breast shapes & sizes!

Is the Band of your Bra riding up in the back?

If your band is riding up in the back, it's almost always because your band size is too large! When we wear a band size that isn't snug enough, we overcompensate by tightening our straps, thinking support and lift should come from the strap.

It can take a little time to get used to the feeling of the band around your chest, but 80-90% of your support is meant to come from the band. The band of your bra should stay horizontal, or parallel to the ground, and, bonus, your straps won't hurt anymore!

The Solution: To fix, try a smaller band size until your breasts are supported mainly from the band.

As you adjust band sizes, you'll probably need to compensate cup size by going up one cup size for each band size you go down. These are referred to as 'sister sizes'.

For example, if you're wearing a 36C, go down to a 34 band size but up to a D cup size. If it's still too loose, the next size to try is a 32DD.

Are your straps hurting or constantly falling down?

Bra straps can pose big problems, whether too tight, digging in and leaving indentations that can become permanent, or slipping off your shoulders non stop. The too tight bra straps are typically due to wearing a band size that's too loose, so we compensate by shortening our straps, mistakenly thinking the bra straps should support us.

The Solution: Try a smaller band size and be sure to adjust your bra strap. If your shoulders are sloping, try bra styles with straps that are closer set or try a simple accessory like the Fashion Forms Strap-Mate.

When trying a smaller band size, remember to go up a cup size for each band size you go down, for example, a 36D would become a 34DD. It might feel snug at first but not too tight, there should be just enough room to slide 1 finger under the band. Remember, most of your bras support will come from the band!