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About HerRah First Bra


Her-Rah!…my first bra is a mother-daughter company dedicated to being the 1st choice for preteen girls to choose their 1st bra confidently while making the experience a celebration.

We believe in celebrating your development and to keep the collection of bras and future products affordable, stylish, cool, functional, and most of all, supportive.

“When my mom took me first bra shopping, I thought it would be so fun and exciting. But it wasn’t. There were only three boring colors to choose from. I even had to be checked into my changing room by a boy. My first training bra wasn’t what I wanted, so I started Her Rah! to change things for other girls.”—McKenna


Supporting each other, always.

Her Rah! 1st Bra is a family business run by girl entrepreneurs focused on supporting girls—a powerful mother-daughter partnership that is transforming the way we go training bra shopping and grow into our best selves.

  • Her Rah! for choices.
    A girl’s first bra should like the beginning of growing up—filled with fun possibilities. Her Rah! training bras and bralettes are available in a rainbow of colors, from hot pink to heather gray to black lace, and our huge selection of detachable, customizable bra straps let girls express and explore all the different aspects of their emerging identity.
  • Her Rah! for comfort.
    Designed by girls for girls, every Her Rah! 1st Bra has the form and function to support all kinds of changing body shapes. When you try on your first training bra for the first time it feels noticeable and new, but you’ll be amazed at how quickly your training bra tank top starts to feel like part of
  • Her Rah! for confidence.
    Did you know that between the ages of 8 and 14, when girls begin puberty, their self-confidence drops by 30%? Her Rah! 1st Bras support more than developing breasts—they support the development of a strong, healthy self. It isn’t always easy to look and feel the way you want when you are a teen. Her Rah! 1st Bras are here to help.
  • Her Rah! Let’s celebrate.
    Why make such a big deal out of your first bra? Because it is a big deal! The girl entrepreneurs at Her Rah! 1st Bra want you to get excited about growing up.

Carole Hamm


Originally from Maine, Carole is a demonstrated leader in all facets of her corporate initiatives, family, and the community. As a serial multi-tasker, her work/family balance is admired most. Her drive to get things done and done right has contributed to her breadth of experience in management, mentorship, and home.

Carole not only utilizes her passion in her professional and entrepreneurial endeavors, but also in supporting her daughter, McKenna, in pursuing her entrepreneurial dreams. Carole has thirty-one years in the government health care market.

When not driving business, Carole enjoys golf, skiing, cooking and entertaining, serving the underserved, and taking mental hiatus’ while riding her Harley Davidson Softail.


McKenna Hopla


Girl boss, McKenna Hopla, born in Chicago, Illinois has quickly become known as a child entrepreneur to watch!  As the creator and founder of Her-Rah! 1st bra, she truly is an advocate for girls and their needs.  Thoughtful, witty, and light years ahead of her time, McKenna’s determination, leadership, and creative chops led her to designing a bra that is affordable, stylish, and cool, catered to celebrating girls’ development.

When she is not doing business, McKenna, spends most of her days enjoying things that most kids her age enjoy - hanging out with friends, playing sports (tennis, golf, and sailing), and reading.