• Preparing for Puberty

    It turns out, many of us parents missed out on a lot of information that may have helped us to understand what was happening in our own bodies and how to be better prepared for the changes before they come. Learn about it with us to better support your growing girl!

    Positively Impacting Puberty 
  • Did I Miss Something?

    If you’re already shopping for her bras, it's likely that there are some other changes already taking place that you may not have addressed yet. When puberty begins, the first changes that occur are not visible ones.

    Signs & Stages of Puberty 
  • The Awkward Conversations

    Talking about puberty is an important role for parents. And, something you want to do before the changes begin. These conversations help ease her worries & stress - and, if done early enough will prepare her for what she is about to experience so she will not be as shocked or overwhelmed when the changes take place.

    Tips for Talking About It 
  • Her-Rah! for Girl Talk

    Our team of Girl-Bosses have worked hard to develop a safe space filled with resources, tips & tricks for all of our developing Her-Rah! Girls. If you're still not sure how to answer her questions or start the conversation - spend some time going through our Girl Talk page together!

    Girl Talk 
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Share your Tips & Tricks!

We are all continuing to learn more and more about ourselves each day - discovering new tips and tricks along the way! Share your wisdom with the Her-Rah! Girls!

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