Buying a Bra Isn't Always Easy...

The girls at Her-Rah! know this and we have put our heads together to create a simple and stress free process so that you can relax and focus on what really matters - celebrating these exciting changes!

Join us below as we walk through our simple steps to building your 1st Bra!

Step 1: Measure

The first step when buying any bra is to measure to find your size! Bra size changes often and over your entire life - this happens for a variety of things, like puberty, excersize, weight change, age, gravity and more! This is all totally normal and just part of growing up.

Bra sizing is a little different than other clothing items, so take a second to check out our Sizing Guide for detailed instructions, an explanation on how the numbers & letters work together in bra sizing, and our sizing chart.

The Sizing Guide

Step 2: Find your Fit

We know that even in the earliest form, there is no one-size-fits all bra – so we have carefully crafted three different options to meet the needs of each unique girl-boss!

Each of our bra's are named after girls just like you - We have the McKenna Bra, the Grace T-Shirt Bra, and the Lily Sports Bralette.

Click the button below to 'Meet' our bras and find which bra is best for your lifestyle and body!

Step 3: Customize it!

All Her Rah! 1st Bras feature patented detachable and interchangeable straps to really make it your own! With over 30 designs and colors to choose from, you’ll have a bra that’s as versatile as you are!

Pro-Tip 1: Try crossing the straps in the back to form an 'X' for more support during sports or activity!

Pro Tip 2: Mix & Match different straps to create endless options.

Check out our collection to find the straps that match your personality, your favorite outfit, or both!

See the Straps!

Step 4: Waiting...

Truth be told, this is the hardest part of any online shopping experience!

Want to know a fun fact about delivery waiting? Even if a shipment is not delayed, many people still feel anxious about receiving it—you want to grasp that ordered thing right now. The Urban Dictionary even gave a name for this phenomenon— “pre-parcel anxiety.” This state of waiting for a parcel is “often accompanied by frequent glances at the front door for signs of the courier driver when you hear any audible or visual queues of their presence.

Sound familiar? Well, our amazing team of girl-bosses sure thinks so. That's why we've put together a few things to keep you busy while you wait. Check out our Girl Talk Resources below to learn more.

Step 5: The Try-On Experience

Celebrate with a community of Her-Rah! girls, just like you!

McKenna's awkward try-on experience when shopping for her 1st bra is what inspired her to create Her-Rah! 1st Bra. So of course we want you to have an unforgetable one! All of our products arrive gift wrapped with our signature pink bow to kick off the Celebration of getting your very first Bra! As you try unbox & try on your new bra, remember our tips on how to check your bra for the right fit and support. If you're not sure, revisit the steps above. For any questions you might have about your bra or any changes that are happening, check out our Girl Talk page where we have created a series of resources for girls just like you to answer questions that we had when we were in your shoes.

The Community

Bundle & Save!

The Deluxe Bra Bundles bring together everything a girl could need to love her 1st Bra Experience. Choose from a selection of our detachable & interchangeable straps to make this bra as unique as the girl who wears it! To make it all complete, this set includes our Durable Mesh Laundry Bag to ensure that your Her-Rah Bra will have a long and supportive life!

Her-Rah! Deluxe Bundles are perfect gift sets or starter packs for those who aren't quite sure where to begin!

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