To Go Period Kit

“Code Red" Period Kit

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Our To-Go Period Kits are packed with everything a girl needs to feel comfortable and confident when she gets her period. Whether it’s already arrived, or you’re planning for the future, Her-rah’s got you covered!  Perfect for backpacks or lockers. Kit includes:

  • Two (2) feminine hygiene wipes
  • Two (2) panty liners,
  • Two (2) junior pads,
  • Two (2) junior tampons,
  • One (1) Tide Stick stain remover pen,
  • One (1) red "period" dot lip balm,
  • One (1) branded durable plastic baggie for a clean pair of underwear (just in case), and to seal up the pair to launder; and
  • One (1) reusable polyester drawstring bag for all above items.  

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