Share your Tips & Tricks with the Her-Rah! Girls

Share your Tips & Tricks with the Her-Rah! Girls

We're looking for help from our parents! We all have had both similar and unique experiences in life and the information and solutions available to us are always changing! We want to provide the most up to date and inclusive resources for all of our Her-Rah! Girls! We have created a similar blog post for our Girls to ask questions and share - but we would love to hear from all of you as well!

We are all continuing to learn more and more about ourselves each day - discovering new tips and tricks along the way! You would be amazed at how much our team learned while doing research and talking with one another about what we should share with you! Sometimes, these topics can make people feel weird or uncomfortable so they don't talk about them with their friends, but it is actually really helpful (and healthy!) to talk about these things so that we can all learn from one another!

Comment below & Share with us:

  • Your favorite Tips & Tricks about Bras!
  • Your favorite Tips & Tricks for Periods!
  • Great Advice someone shared with you!
  • Advice that you wish someone would have shared with you sooner!
  • Something unexpected that happened as part of puberty?
  • Questions that you had about shopping for and wearing a bra!
  • Questions that you had about getting your period!
  • How did you feel when you started seeing changes in your body? 
  • Did you have an 'emergency' kit for when your period came? If so, what was in it?
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Not all vaginas and vulvas are made the same! Everyone’s labia (or lips) are different. They can be long or short, big or little. The same goes for the hymen, which is the muscle tissue around your vaginal opening. While hymen abnormalities are rare, they do happen! There are four different kind of hymens and hymen abnormalities. When you have some alone time, try taking a handheld mirror and see if you can identify the different parts.
If you think something is wrong, or you feel pain, have difficulty inserting or removing a tampon, or have period cramps that are affecting your ability to live your life, please tell a trusted adult and ask to see a gynecologist. Try not to let someone else tell you how to feel or tell you you aren’t feeling something that you are. Be your own biggest advocate!


Your breasts can be different sizes. That’s perfectly normal. Typically, the left breast is larger than the right. Try to make sure you have the right fit. Sometimes stores will measure you incorrectly to try to sell their products. You can find tutorial videos on how to properly and accurately measure your bra size online. Wearing one correctly sized sports bra is much better than wearing two!
The outside part of your vagina is called your vulva. While your vagina is self cleaning and nothing should go inside, your vulva is not. Wash with water or occasionally a very mild soap (like Dove Sensitive Skin bar) if you feel very sweaty. Discharge is very normal and healthy! This is your vagina cleaning itself. This discharge is acidic, so it can bleach and stain your underwear over time. If you feel like you have a lot of discharge, you can buy panty liners to protect your underwear. Never feel ashamed if you don’t want to wear tampons. Pads and period underwear are a very effective method as well.


Tip for bras: Get properly sized. I’ve gone to Victoria Secret to get measured and that helped me get a bra that fits right.
Tip for periods: I keep tampons stocked in every bag/purse I own. That way, no matter which one I walk out with that day, I will always be prepared.


Let your daughter know that Vaginas are self cleaning and nothing besides water should be used to clean them.

Maddison Knafel

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