The Spirit of Giving and Gratitude for Living

The Spirit of Giving and Gratitude for Living

Today's youth are in a constant state of being emotionally charged with feelings we sometimes cannot comprehend. They are bombarded with social interactions, social media, and expectations of adults and peers. That's a lot of pressure! Sometimes we need to keep it simple. 

We asked McKenna about the past year and about what she learned as the CEO of Her-Rah 1st Bra. McKenna keeps it simple and understands that as a teen growing up sometimes she needs to make adjustments, reflect and appreciate the opportunity to learn. 

McKenna, what was this year like for you? "I just started my Freshman year in high school and moved from Maine to Florida. Meeting new teachers and friends has been fun and challenging, but I love it. I'm on the golf team and bringing home all A's.!" 

Was there a moment this year when you were so proud of the work you do with Her-Rah?  “Yeah, for sure. I can think of two things. For the first time, I was involved in our bra donation process. We donated over 200 bras to organizations that serve disadvantaged girls. My Mom and Dad have always shared with me the importance of giving back, but this time was special. I mean, I never thought about NOT getting a bra. I built this company on the story of getting my first bra and how it was not as exciting as I hoped it would be. But then there are some girls who have never had a bra so I'm very motivated to share a good experience and to donate to girls who may need one."

You said two, what was the other? "I attended the Girl's Festival in San Francisco where I met so many girls selling their products, attending the Festival, and also made some new friends and great connections!

I was chosen as a Finalist to give a business pitch about Her-Rah and ended up winning the "Girlpreneur" Competition. I was up against some amazing businesses. I met some really cool people and I had a great time with my Mom. It was a huge honor. I was nervous at first, but I have a true story to tell and once I remembered how much I believed in that first bra buying experience, it was easy."

What are your plans for the coming year? “Well, I just got back from San Francisco… again. I was there for BizWorld's RiskMaster Luncheon, where I saw some girls I had met at the Girl's Festival. I gave another speech about Her-Rah and this one was easier. I feel like I am learning so much from these connections. It's been a fun year! I've got some new ideas for products and we continue to make them better."

Final thoughts? "I'm learning more about gratitude. I've learned that having a business isn't really all about the products, it's also about connections. I'm grateful to our customers, my family, and my friends. They've helped me spread the word. 

I feel like there are some young girls out there that need encouragement and I want to learn more about how we can empower them. We need to support one another and not be so hard on each other. It is my wish that every girl will find and use their gifts… That's what the giving season is all about."

Thanks for talking with us today. "My pleasure. Have a great Holiday everyone!"

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