Your Daughter’s Checklist for Accessorizing Her Bra

Your Daughter’s Checklist for Accessorizing Her Bra

Some preteen girls choose the perfect outfit for the next day before they go to bed and other tweens and teens pull on the first clean things they find in the fresh laundry pile a few minutes before the school bus arrives in the morning.

Whether you have a daughter with a strong sense of personal style or a girl who has perfected the grab-and-go, adding the first bra can be a confusing game-changer for a lot of girls.

Can you see my training bra under my top? Should my teen bra match my underwear, my clothes, or my mood? Do I need different bralettes for sports? For sleeping? For hanging out or for going out? How can I make my first bra feel more like me?

If you are getting questions from your girl about back-to-school styles and training bras, the Her Rah! Bra Accessorizing Guide is your go-to for great answers.

We’ve asked girl entrepreneur McKenna Hopla, the founder of Her Rah! Bra, and her best friends all about the ways they are wearing their bras this season—and their favorite fall fashions. When your teen can check these five boxes, she will be wearing her bra with all the creativity, comfort, and confidence.

  1. FIT OVER FASHION. Here’s the thing—girls need to know, right from the start, that how they feel is more important than how they When you ask your daughter how she feels and listen to her answers, you remind her that she is the boss of her own body and her feelings and perceptions matter more than any mirror.

Make sure your daughter’s bra supports her changing shape and feels awesome against her skin. A bra that fits well won’t leave red marks or imprints on her shoulders or ribcage or dig into her back or leave bulges around her arms. A bralette should provide a light lift and hold her growing breasts in place without restricting her movement. If she has an easy time getting her training bra on and off—and if she often forgets it’s even there—she’s found the right fit! (And remember, your girl is growing fast. What fits today might feel restrictive tomorrow, so keep those lines of communication open.)

For more information about getting a flawless fit for your daughter’s first bra, check out the Her Rah! First Bra Fitting Guide.

    If your daughter is like most girls today, school is not the only activity on her schedule. Think ahead to what happens during free periods or after the last bell rings. Will she be changing in a locker room for field hockey, soccer, or cheer practice? Heading to a gym for tumbling or yoga? Even rehearsing on stage for the school play or modern dance recital can require costume changes—and cardio.

    Girls today are always active. An adorable lace training bra that stays hidden under her favorite fuzzy sweater will be more visible under lycra, modal, or other fitness fabrics and may not support a higher level of physical activity. Ask your girl to think ahead—and pack a sports bralette or wider straps to swap in after school. (Her-Rah! Sporty Straps are designed to make this transition simple and stylish.)
It’s no surprise that a girl confident enough to start a company that makes fun, fashion-forward training bras wanted the people closest to her to notice that she’d started wearing a training bra.

“I was so excited to buy my first bra,” McKenna remembers. “It felt like a big deal, but I wasn’t ready to talk about it with anyone except my Mom. I wanted my best friends to notice … without actually telling them I had bought my first bra.”
McKenna’s solution? Wearing bright pink straps on her training bra under a white shirt. To anyone who didn’t know her well, she looked like she was layering her top with a cute tank or camisole. To besties who had been in and out of her closet borrowing outfits, though? It was a total tell.
There are so many subtle, tasteful ways to share your big news with your best friends! And that’s why, when McKenna had the chance to design her own best first bra from scratch, she insisted on interchangeable straps.
    In autumn and winter, cold temperatures can make it harder to hide a changing shape—and many training bralettes are made to provide support but when nipples become visible under clothing it can make girls uncomfortable and invite unwanted attention. The McKenna Bra is designed for days your daughter wants to wear a tee or a close-cut top with total confidence. It’s wire-free, so it feels great against her skin, and it is lightly padded to make sure everything stays smooth.
    “Pink is forever my favorite color,” McKenna says, “and I love mixing and matching pink with fall colors like orange and red.”

    A training bra is another excuse to express your sense of personal style, so don’t hold back! Rainbow chevrons. Pink hearts. Navy blue organza. Even camo. Just one training bra can have so many personalities—just like today’s girls. Puberty is just the beginning of a lifelong exploration of personal style and your daughter’s wardrobe is her palette. Think of her first bra the same way. Give her a set of interchangeable straps to play with … and see what amazing combinations she comes up with.
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