Your brand is doing very well. The straps are a big hit!  I always get tons of positive feedback.

- Laura Burke, Owner: Fit By Burke Intimate Apparel Stylist and Certified Bra Fit Expert


She loves it.  Even slept in it.
Love your packaging too!
And just to let you know, I have to make her NOT wear the bra every day for a week so we can wash it!  😂 
I guess I need to buy more.

- A Happy Mom


First, let me say my daughter wore her Lily bra to school for the first day
and she came home and told me it was the most comfortable bra ever and it really helped support her. She would like a few more.
Thank you for such an amazing product for young girls
who need a little support.

- Stephanie


My daughter wants to order a few more bras for herself from your website!
She really likes her new bra!! 😘
We wish you all the best in your business!!! You deserve it!!! 🤗😘
You and your daughter are such a great example for us!!! We love you. 

- Mother Daughter Duo


Just got the box and she is so excited!
We love your motto! What you are all doing is amazing! 
We love it and can't wait to bring her younger sister
into the fold when she's older!
Thank you so much!

- Gina